Springfield Community Performing Programs (SCPP)

SCPP is focused on bringing performing arts programs to the greater community through working with local partners and understanding the interests and needs of the community. Initiative and partnerships to date include but are not excluded to:

Performing Arts Summer Day Camps

Performing Arts Summer Day Camps allowing youth the opportunity to experience a variety of performing arts. i.e. theatre, hip hop, magic, clowning, ultimate performer
Duration: July & August


Community Performing Arts Workshops

Regardless of age or ability at the SPACE we believe performing arts is an opportunity whether you are singing, acting or dancing you are improving your social, physical and mental wellbeing.


Community outreach programs offer performing arts workshops to community centres, day cares, libraries, personal care homes etc. Working with community partners we are able to provide these fun and enriching workshops. This year we are looking to extend our program even further and reach as many people as we can. Our workshops are highly flexible and can be tailored to suit any age or need including toddlers, children, teenagers, adults, seniors and those with special needs.



Summer Program Outreach Coordinator

Sunrise Performing Arts Centre of Excellence Inc.
Phone: 204-444-3567
Email: office.sunriseperformingarts@gmail.com