Fee Schedule

Tuition Fees for Cast Members

of the STC Production

Membership Fee $ 50.00/Family
Cast Tuition $ 575.00
Costume Rental Fee $ 85.00

Additional Costs May Be Required For:
• Tights
• Footwear
• Accessories
• Items of a personal nature

Volunteering and Fundraising

Volunteering and fundraising has been integral to the personality of the SPACE. Volunteering it gives opportunity for families to get to know each other while working for the benefit of their children and the community. Fundraising has enabled the financial backbone of program development.


  • Option 1 -2 Volunteer Events,
  • Option 2 - $150 Donation in lieu of Volunteering


  • Option 1 - Fundraise Commitment $320
  • Option 2 - Fundraise Commitment $315($145 donation)


Regardless of CCDA or STC involvement each family would fundraise only once.