STC Fees

The Board of Directors, the Executive Director and the CFO will establish tuition, costuming, fundraising, and volunteer bond fees in conjunction with the Annual Operating Budget.

Tuition Fees

  • Registration must be completed and payment received as a condition of acceptance into the STC annual production.
  • Cast registration must be signed prior to participation in the rehearsals of the production.
  • Total tuition fees are calculated based on the time allotted for cast education and production preparation.?
  • Split payment options have no additional cost. Post-dated cheques must accompany registration.

Costuming Fees

  • Payment of standard costuming fees is due at the signing of registration.
  • Additional fees may accrue once final costuming is determined.
  • Costume fees are deemed a Costume Rental Fee.

Fundraising Fees

  • Each SPACE Member family agrees to fundraise $150 or in lieu of fundraising donate $150 to the SPACE.
  • At the time of registration, two different fundraising options or combination thereof will be available to the members.
  • If a student is involved in both CCDA and STC programs, SPACE Member families are responsible for only one set of fundraising expectations.

Volunteer Bond

  • Each SPACE Member family is required to register for one Volunteer Commitment posting a $150 Volunteer Bond cheque.
  • At the time where the contract is signed, the member will designate their preferred Volunteer Commitment.
  • Once the Volunteer Commitment has been fulfilled, the Volunteer Bond cheque will be returned to the member.
  • If the Volunteer Commitment is not fulfilled by the last day in June, the $150 Volunteer Bond Cheque will be deposited in the appropriate SPACE account.
  • Responsibility lies with the member to remain in contact with the SPACE staff regarding their Volunteer Commitment.
  • At the time where the contract is signed, SPACE Member families also have the option to decline the opportunity to volunteer by providing a cheque in the amount of $150 in lieu of volunteering.

Additional Costs

  • As costume fees do not include items of a personal nature such as tights, leotard or footwear, additional costs for such items may be accrued.
  • Payment of additional fees for participation in festivals or competitions if applicable shall be due 30 days after billing notice.

Studio Rental Fees for Students

  • Rental of any of the studios to students of the SPACE will be charged a flat rate of $5 per person per hour, or portion thereof.
STC Eligibility Requirements
  • Involvement with the STC production is based on auditions held at the end of August and is at the discretion of the Executive Director in collaboration with the STC Director.
  • Candidates must attend rehearsals.
  • Candidates require independent practice as rehearsal time is limited.
  • Candidates must attend all festivals and competitions entered.
  • Not maintaining these requirements could place the student in a position of losing their eligibility to perform in the production. The Executive Director will review the points in question with the student providing an opportunity for the student to find a manner in which to continue to follow the eligibility requirements.
STC Scheduling

A rehearsal schedule will be established each year by the Executive Director in collaboration with the Production Director according to studio availability and may include weekend rehearsal times.

STC Withdrawal Policy

Extraordinary circumstances may be brought to the attention of the Board in writing for review.

STC Penalties

Late Registration

Late registration will be at the discretion of the Executive Director, STC Production Director, and the Board of Directors.

NSF Cheques

All NSF cheques will be subject to a $25 charge.

Notice of Default of Payment

Within 24 hours of notice of default of payment the CFO shall notify the parent/guardian by phone and follow up in writing that if a payment is not received in 21 days the student will not be able to participate in rehearsals and classes.

Over Due Accounts

All overdue accounts will be subject to interest charges. Interest will be charged 30 days past the last invoice date at the following rates:

  • 30 days = 5%
  • 45 days = 10%
  • 60 days = 15%

Additional Receipts

Any additional receipts printed that have previously been issued are subject to a $10 charge per receipt.


The SPACE may amend the Policies and Procedures by way of motions set forth and voted on at any meeting of the Board of Directors where quorum is satisfied and the majority present approves the amendment.